Chevron Oil and Energy

What we work on…
We touched on a number of issues.
We worked on what I wanted to achieve with my career, with my life and family and what was needed to achieve that.

Having identified that at a high level we worked on identifying the various activities that filled up my daily life and categorized them in to those that support my strategic goals, those that achieved my tactic goals, those that distracted me from my goals and the activities that were missing in order to achieve my various goals.

We worked on harnessing my drive, passion I have for my work/ career and combined that with tools to bring one vision to my team and achieve target and/or goals efficiently and more importantly together.

What mindset changes we have achieved…
Quite interestingly when we first met, I responded to many questions on what I wanted to achieve with what I did not want… I am conscious of this mindset and constantly seek to determine what I want out of any situation rather than focusing on the opposite.

What tools have you have learned and implemented…

I was given tools on determining what activities promoted and what activities distracted.

I was given tools on how to positively say no and change old habits to new ones that assisted rather than hindered me achieving what I wanted.

I was given tools on how to plan a project, how to include the team in every part of the project.

I was given tools for better communication – seeking to understand and seeing from the other person’s perspective and/or needs prior to addressing my agenda/needs

I was given tools on how to effectively examine my life/activities and determine what activities are essential to ensure I live the life that I choose to have

And most important: What effect has it had and what goals have been achieved…

I have come to know that I cannot achieve excellence unless I take the time to invest in myself first. I learned that in order to bring my team with me on a path to a goal they need to know what I knew. I had to learn to make my thinking transparent, to let the team know at any given time where we were going and what our status was as we progressed the project. The planning part of a project is very time consuming but was so instrumental in achieving our goal. I also found that it was a moving target and when I finally opened up fully to the team we took giant steps in the process.

Corporate Tax Accountant
Chevron Oil and Energy
Melanie Abrahams